BrookLane Rottweilers

Multi V1 Can Ch Bernkastel Diva of BrookLane BH, CD, RA, TT, CGC


 April 15, 2008 - May 7, 2021

Diva's Health Clearances

Cardiac – OFA – RO-CA3858/12F/C-PI 

Eyes CERF - RO-6848 (09, 10)

Elbow OFA – RO-EL7640F24-VPI

Hips OFA – RO-70887G24F-VPI

CHIC #65532

Sire:  CH Woodrott Abbaz Kick’n It Up

Dam: Ch. Bernkastel Charmed One 

Cardiac – OFA – RO-CA3099/34F/C-VPI

Eyes CERF - RO-6234 - 07, 10

Elbow OFA – RO-EL6378F36-VPI

Hips OFA – RO-68519G36F-VPI

CHIC #43484

"Diva" without a doubt she is

She would change the world of Rottweilers for me. She gave me my first two litters, my first big wins and my first BH in IPO. To date she is the oldest one in the house at 12.5 yrs and the only one still alive in her litter. How I got her was a story, Not only did I get a great dog, I gained a friend, and a great mentor. Beautiful and smart, I learned from her and travelled from Newfoundland to Vancouver and south of the border to do things with her. 


The best bitch I ever owned. So balanced and such a strong loving soul. To this day she still goes to the barn with me daily, keeps her kids in order and always barks at me at night for her cookies. If I am late with supper, she is the voice that keeps me in line.......I love her

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The biggest pieces that I could  hope for Diva to pass to her kids is her bomb proof temperament,  intelligence, health and longevity. I've been blessed with her kids and grandkids